Using a key might be challenging for people with motor difficulties, children or in some situations like, for example, fetching them with gloves in a dark staircase. What can be done about it?
This project was developed in cooperation with the inclusivity housing project „Haus Birkenhain“.
The process to the final Keyholder „Vkey“ was preceded by an intensive study of forms, with a focus on grip, size and handling. The handles were tested by Mrs. G. and Mr. P. in the house Birkenhain during different meetings. It was then modified accordingly and refined.
In addition to the form, we have also dealt with various mechanisms, such as the sliding mechanism of the cutter knife and the folding mechanism of the car key, which should facilitate the stowage of the key handle.
Not only the gripping is important, but also the key holder. We designed a spring construction, so that as many different key heads fit in the same socket.
The outcome of this project is three key grips with a double sliding mechanism (two keys), a front door key holder (with spring construction) and a locker key holder (with spring construction).
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