Since we are surrounded by many contradictions every day, understanding those contradictions help us to rethink existing structures.
In a world where art and design are intertwined, where the industry is replacing craft, where we desire something new and individual despite mass consumption, it is even more important to position ourselves. While being a student, one has often a lot of freedom to experiment. But this freedom can be taken away in the professional world despite the fact that it is precisely this working method of experimentation that gives rise to new possibilities and trains of thought.
During the research process of “Constructing Contradictions”, I have learned how important it is to question your own contradictions. Since we are strongly biased, a lot of our own perception does not correspond to the truth and, at the same time, it is mostly subjective. Because of that, you have to decide who you want to be and how to convey this.
Experiments are important for creating something new in process design and should not be neglected due to the pressure on designers today.
The sitting objects created during this project are a response to the topic of abundance. Do we need more sitting objects? Atypical design materials were used, some of which are usually only used in a hidden way and because of the properties without receiving much attention in the design world.
It is the craftsmanship that can be found in the raw aesthetics of the objects.
There is a risk of not questioning contradictions that arise when using these chairs.
It is the materials that have been taken out of their original use and their contrasting properties have been demonstrated.
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