During the first lockdown in 2020, we had to face various new challenges. This project was born from the need of having to adapt to this situation when we all had to face a lot of life restrictions, to then image new creative ways. 
It envisions a type of versatile furniture that would attainable despite of some of the limitations. First, taking into consideration the economic impact and, because of that, using only cheap and accessible materials – wooden bars and rope. But also then, reusing the same material and building other furniture with the same materials, offering different possible configurations. Finally, the process of building doesn’t require access to a lot of tools or materials at home or any machines.
With KNOTTY different constructions can be built using just your hands and the use of very simple tools. The bars were bought at the right length or cut to size with a saw and tied with the rope. A rolling hitch and a square lashing hold the bars together. For its aesthetic, it takes inspiration from bondage – an erotic play from fetish subcultures that ties people for movement restriction. While binding the pieces of wood, KNOTTY become bondage for furniture - be it as a table, shelf, clothes rail or shoe rack.
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